Welcome to eXtremeModeling.org!

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Welcome to eXtremeModeling.org!

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Extreme Modeling is a new software development process. Put simply, it is a synthesis of model-based processes and Extreme Programming (XP).

Model-based processes like the Rational Unified Process (RUP) or Catalysis usually are based on the Unified Modeling Language (UML). They have the advantage of having an expressive language for designing and communicating the architecture of object oriented software systems. But they have the disadvantage that UML models can not be tested or varified and that the gap between UML and programming languages is rather large.

XP, on the other hand, is centered arround code. One of its most important corner stones are tests that are executed on the code over and over again. This provides confidence in the developed system and flexibility to change it. But it lacks an abstract notation for communicating or refactoring the design.

Extreme Modeling closes the gap between these two and combines their advantages. Read more about what XM is and look at some examples. However, it requires intensive tool support. Some of these already exist, some still need to be developed.

Extreme Modeling is still subject of investigation and reseach. This site is intended as communication platform for the community of researchers and practitioners interested in this topic. It provides documents, information, examples, experiences and links, it will promote upcoming events and present results of past events.

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This Extreme Modeling site is currently still under construction. Come back regularly.

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